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Type 5/6 Protective Coveralls

Huabao is a leading Type 5/6 Protective Coveralls Supplier

These white or yellow Type 5/6 Protective Coveralls are made from a breathable SMMS fabric with bound seams for superior strength, comfort and promotion of air permeability. These disposable coveralls provide Type 5/6 protection.

Typical applications include:

  • Asbestos handling and removal

  • “Dry” applications in fibreglass manufacturing

  • Boatbuilding

  • Windblade or similar manufacturing environments

  • Wood and plastic processing

  • Insulation handling and removal

  • General manufacturing and maintenance

  • Low level / low hazard sprays

All Disposable Protective Coveralls below offer the Level of Protection Required for Asbestos Safety:

Type 5/6 Protective Coveralls

Which garment to use:

Light Spray

Hazardous dust
Liquid Spray
Jet Spray

Gas or Vapour
TYPE 1&2

Light spray/aerosol protectionDry particle protectionGeneral overall spray:
no pressure but coverall soaked
Strong jet sprays –
higher pressure
Surrounding gases or vapours

Disposable coveralls Type 5/6

Disposable coveralls Type 5/6

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Disposable coveralls Type 6

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Type 6 Hooded Disposable Coveralls

Type 6 Hooded Disposable Coveralls

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