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  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

  • GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

Product Feature

-PE laminated with PP nonwoven, it is waterproof and impervious.

-Disposable Isolation Gown, convenient, sterile, and more protective.

-Lightweight and breathable, the design is comfortable and unisex.


Introduction of Disposable Isolation Gown

Disposable Isolation Gown is applicable to Type 6-b of European standard. It is made of PP non-woven fabric and PE film casting composite material. The sewing process is specially designed for medical staff and epidemic prevention workers. It is suitable for low-risk medical environment. It is easy to wear, comfortable and breathable. The isolation clothing can only be used once, and must be discarded according to the specifications after use. 

Healthcare facilities across the country use Disposable Isolation Gown to protect employees from contracting the disease from exposure to infected patients. Disposable Isolation Gown also prevents the wearer from spreading infectious pathogens that could put patients at risk. Therefore, infection control of Disposable Isolation Gown in low-risk settings plays a vital role and should always be included in a hospital's workplace safety strategy.

Specification of Disposable Isolation Gown

Name: GA6-2001 Hooded Protective Coverall


Material: PP+PE

Process: sewing

 Disposable Isolation Gown

Features of Disposable Isolation Gown

1. Light and breathable - Made with breathable and flexible fabrics that allow for a full range of motion while providing full body coverage and comfort.

2. Comfortable Design - Completely enclosed with minimal restrictions. Features a knitted cuff that slips easily over gloves for added protection.

3. Fluid Resistance - Non-woven polypropylene and polyethylene ensure fluid resistance in mild to moderate conditions.

4. Secure Protection - Double-sided adhesive belt, Overlock sewing collar, and a tie at the back of the neck for a secure fit.

5. A Variety of Sizes Available - Unisex design, different sizes for you to choose, one-stop service.

You are welcome to contact us anytime to inquire about any questions or get samples, and you will be answered in the shortest possible time!

Application of Disposable Isolation Gown

Medical health and disease prevention and control

Low risk medical environment

Not recommended for use in a surgical setting or where there may be substantial body contact or hazardous fluids, or where high intensity heat sources or flammable gases are present.

Disposable Isolation Gown meet the standards as below:

EN ISO 13688:2013:            

EN 14325:2018:                                      
Type 6:13034:2005+A1:2009(Type 6)

Type 6-B:EN 14126:2003/AC:2004

HUABAO has the domestic first-class medical device registration certificate, the domestic first-class medical device production registration certificate, the domestic second-class medical device registration certificate, the domestic second-class medical device production license, the German registration certificate, the Netherlands registration certificate, the Canadian registration certificate, and the United States registration certificate. Registration certificate, UK registration certificate, medical device CE certificate, SGS PPE Module B ModuleC and many other certificates, click here to learn more about relevant certifications.

30%  H2SO4Repellency by Liquids EN ISO6530:2005Class 3 
30%  HCI Repellency by Liquids EN ISO6530:2005Class 3 
10%  NaOHRepellency by Liquids EN ISO6530:2005Class 3

AbrasionEN ISO 12947-2:2016Class 2 
Trapezoidal Tear resistanceEN ISO 9073-4:1997Class 2 
Tensile strengthEN ISO 13934-1:2013Class 2 
Puncture resistanceEN 863:1995Class 2 
Seam strengthEN ISO 13935-2:2014Class 1


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