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Surgical Pack

What are Disposable Surgical Packs?

A Disposable Surgical Pack contains single-use devices that are necessary when medical clinicians are carrying out procedures. All these devices are packaged in a sterile pack that is delivered into surgeries.


What Are the Advantages of Using Disposable Surgery Packs?

1. Time-saving and efficient. Reduce prep time for medical staff with disposable surgical pack.

2. Cost saving. Concentrating the conventional products required for surgery in one surgical bag is more cost-saving than buying one product separately.

3. High safety performance. It strictly conforms to the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The entire product manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop. The lower limit reduces the risk of initial contamination, coupled with strictly controlled sterilization to ensure product safety.

The Type of our Disposable Surgical Pack?

As a disposable surgical packs manufacturer, we can provide you with:

1.  Intervention Pack:

Include: 2 Surgical drape (Size 229×400cm, 150×190cm), 4 Side drape(Size 75×90cm),4 Equipment cover(75×90cm),1 Mayo cover(80×140cm), Wrap(Size 150×150cm), 3 Surgical gown L(125×155cm), 10 Gauze piece(Size 10×10×8Pcm), 4 Surgical towel(10×10×8PcmWith 4PX), 1 Bandage, Surgical Gloves(Width 95mm,Minimum length 270mm,Minimum thickness 0.1mm)

2. Urology Pack:

Include: 1 Surgical drape(size 230/270×260cm), 2 Table cover(size 150×190cm), 2 Surgical gown(size 125×155cm), 4 Nursing napkin(45×60cm)

3. Disposable C-section Pack:

Include: 1 Surgical drape(Size 180×310cm), 4 Side drape(size 75×90cm), 1 Wrap(size 150×150cm), 1 Table cover(size 150×190cm), 3 Surgical Gown(size 125×155cm), 2 Nursing napkin(size 45×60cm), 2 Maternity pad(Size 60×60cm), 10 Gauze piece(Size 10×10×8Pcm)

4. Surgical Packs for ophthalmology:

Include: 1 Surgical drape(size 115×150cm), 2 Bed sheet(size 100×100cm), 1 Wrap(size 150×150cm), Table cover(size 150×190cm), 3 Surgical Gown(size 125×155cm), 10 Gauze piece(size 10×10×8Pcm)

Why Choose Huabao as your Disposable Surgical Packs Manufacturer ?

As a honest disposable surgical packs manufacturer, we insist on supply high cost-performance products with consistent Quality and professional serve. Our disposable surgical pack has passed ISO9001, ISO 13485, ISO14001, DD-60145760-0001-CE certification. We can custom disposable surgery kits to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!We will provide you with the most professional answer in the shortest possible time.