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  • Disposable Laparotomy Pack

  • Disposable Laparotomy Pack

Disposable Laparotomy Pack

The disposable laparotomy pack is used for general surgery and can meet the needs of routine cardiac and thoracic surgery.


1) Disposable Laparotomy Pack Introduction:

A disposable laparotomy surgical pack is a sterile kit that is used during laparotomy procedures, which contains a variety of disposable instruments and supplies that are commonly used during a laparotomy procedure. such as laparotomy drape, gloves, wrap, surgical gown, etc. This type of surgical pack is designed to be used once and then disposed of, in order to reduce the risk of infection and contamination.

2) Disposable Laparotomy Pack Characters:

-Laparotomy Drape: Easy to use, safe, Effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria to prevent cross-infection.

-Disposable sterile products can reduce the workload of repeated disinfection;

-Surgical gown: It has high protection and can prevent the penetration of blood, oil and alcohol.

-The accessories are complete to ensure the safety and integrity of the operation.

-Soft, lint free, light weight, compact moisture resistant, nonirritating, and static free.

-Gauze Ball: Stop bleeding, press and absorb fluid during surgery.

Disposable Laparotomy Pack

3) Disposable Laparotomy Surgical Pack Configuration Table:

1Laparotomy Drape Surgical drape254/200×337cm1SMS+PE
2Side drape (large)153×200cm2Viscose+PE
3Side drape (small)75×90cm4Viscose+PE
4Equipment cover75×90cm2PE
5Mayo cover80×140cm1PE
7Surgical gownL(125×155cm)3SMS
All the specifications and contents can be customized
MaterialSMS, SSMMS, PE+PP, PE+SMS, PE+Absorbent PP, Viscose +PE,etc.
SterileEO (Ethylene Oxide)
PackageSterile Pouch

Disposable Laparotomy Pack

Other Informations:

Certification : ISO13485,ISO 9001,ISO14001, CE
Payment Method : T/T
Package Details : Carton/Stretch Film

Delivery time : 20-25 days after deposit

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