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  • Disposable C-section Pack

  • Disposable C-section Pack

  • Disposable C-section Pack

Disposable C-section Pack

The main accessories of C-section pack include C-section surgical drape , Mayo cover, large wrap, baby wrapping, treatment towel and tape. Safe, sterile and convenient


Introduction of Disposable C-section Pack

The main accessories of Disposable C-section Pack include C-section surgical drape , Mayo cover, large wrap, baby wrapping, treatment towel and tape. The C-section surgical drape is used to lay on the patient during C-section to form a sterile area for operation. It can prevent cross infection between medical staff and patients. Baby wrapping is used for wrapping babies; The treatment towel is used at the surgical incision and the covering on the surgical instruments.

Disposable C-section Packs are specially designed to contain everything surgical needed to perform Caesarean birth in Operating Room, They are packed sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. Due for its excellent quality, this packing for caesarean is very popular in various hospital.

Characters of Disposable C-section Pack

① Isolate the contaminated area from the work area, easy to use, safe, sterilized and pollution-free.

② The main material is PP+PE, which is resistant to fluid and microbial penetration.

③ Sterilization bag, disposable, light, soft, breathable,

④ There are different configurations for you to choose according to different operations.

⑤ Soft, lint-free, light weight, compact, moisture-proof, non-irritating and static-free.


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Configuration Table of Disposable C-section Pack

1Surgical drape180×310cm1SMS+PE
2Side drape75×90cm4Viscose+PE
3Baby Wrap150×150cm1SMS+PE
4Table cover150×190cm1SMS+PE
5Surgical GownL(125×155cm)3SMS
6Nursing napkin45×60cm2Absorbent PP+PE
7Maternity pad60×60cm2Absorbent PP+PE
8  Gauze piece10×10×8Pcm10
All the specifications and contents can be customized
MaterialSMS, SSMMS, PE+PP, PE+SMS, PE+Absorbent PP, Viscose +PE,etc.
SterileEO (Ethylene Oxide)
PackageSterile Pouch

Disposable C-section Pack

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Disposable C-section Pack