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Disposable Surgical Gowns

Disposable surgical gowns are garments specifically designed for use in sterile medical environments, such as operating rooms or during invasive procedures. They provide a barrier between the healthcare professional and the patient, helping to prevent the transmission of infectious agents. Moreover, the disposable surgical gowns comply with international surgical gown standards such as EN13795 and AAMI .

We are dedicated to being a reliable manufacturer of surgical gowns, prioritizing the careful selection of appropriate materials, utilization of advanced production techniques, and implementation of rigorous quality control systems. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of sterile gowns online, catering to the needs of your medical personnel. Moreover, we have established production facilities and workshops in accordance with GMP standards, ensuring a dust-free environment that meets purification and asepsis requirements at levels of either 100,000 or 300,000.

Types of Surgical Gowns:

Disposable Surgical Gowns

AAMI Levels of Surgical Gowns:

AAMI standards are utilized to assess the liquid barrier performance capabilities of surgical gowns. Each gown is assigned a specific level of protection based on its ability to withstand fluid exposure in critical zones. The critical zones of a gown are the areas most likely to encounter potentially hazardous substances, typically including the sleeves and front portion.

At Huabao, we offer PPE gowns classified into four AAMI levels:

Level 1: Designed for minimal fluid barrier protection, Level 1 gowns are suitable for low-risk scenarios, such as basic care in standard medical settings or as cover gowns for hospital visitors.

Level 2: Level 2 gowns provide minimal to low fluid barrier protection, making them ideal for low-risk situations. They are commonly used during procedures with minimal fluid involvement, such as blood draws or suturing, and are frequently seen in the ICU or pathology lab.

Level 3: Offering moderate fluid barrier protection, Level 3 gowns are commonly worn in various surgical procedures and settings, including the emergency room or during trauma cases.

Level 4: Level 4 medical gowns provide the highest level of protection and undergo testing for impermeability to viral penetration. To attain the AAMI Level 4 rating, gowns must effectively establish both a blood barrier and a viral barrier. These gowns are well-suited for high-risk medical environments where the risk of viral contamination is particularly significant.

At Huabao, we prioritize meeting the diverse needs of medical professionals by offering surgical gowns across these different AAMI levels, ensuring the appropriate level of protection for each specific situation.

How Are Surgical Gowns Tested?

PPE gowns undergo rigorous testing procedures before receiving approval for surgical use. Esteemed organizations like ASTM International conduct a range of standard tests to ensure that gowns provide adequate protection. These comprehensive tests assess various factors, including the gown's ability to create a barrier against fluids and bloodborne bacteria, its level of fluid resistance, abrasion resistance, as well as its flammability and burn rate.

By subjecting gowns to these thorough tests, the industry can ascertain their reliability and effectiveness as personal protective equipment (PPE). Companies that utilize PPE apparel can have confidence in the performance of their equipment, ensuring that it will effectively serve its purpose and provide comprehensive protection to the wearers.

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