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Purchase Medical and Surgical Gowns

Medical and surgical garments are vital personal protective equipment (PPE) in the medical field, playing a key role in protecting healthcare workers and patients from infection and contamination. Huabao Medical is committed to providing high-quality medical and surgical clothing to meet the needs of medical institutions and medical supplies dealers.

Huabao Brand Medical and Surgical Gowns

We've got you covered when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that safeguards you against infection and contamination. Whether you're in need of surgical gowns, or protective coverall, our range of products has got you covered from head to toe. Count on Huabao Brand to provide the reliable protection you need to stay safe.

Wholesale Medical Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Protective Coverall, Apron

As a professional medical supplies supplier, Huabao Medical provides wholesale services, providing customers with preferential prices and flexible ordering options. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and ensuring they have access to high-quality medical clothing and surgical supplies to ensure the smooth conduct of medical work.

Whether you are a medical institution or a medical supplies distributor, Huabao Medical can provide you with a full range of support and services. Our medical and surgical apparel are your reliable choice for keeping healthcare workers and patients safe. Please contact us for more information, we look forward to working with you!

Surgical Gowns

Protective surgical gown is a type of protective clothing specifically designed for use in surgical environments. It is constructed from a multi-layer composite material, including an outer layer that is water-resistant and liquid-proof, a middle layer that provides protective properties, and an inner layer that is comfortable. These garments are designed to provide healthcare professionals with safe protection during surgeries and other medical procedures.

Its main function is to prevent cross-infection between operating personnel and patients, and to protect operating personnel from contamination by blood, body fluids and other harmful substances. In addition, protective surgical clothing can also provide a certain degree of puncture protection and antistatic functions.

Surgical gowns may vary in specifications.

Cover Gowns

Cover gowns are full-length garments made of fluid-resistant, nonwoven polypropylene material. They feature a full cut, open neck and back with waist ties, sewn neck binder, and knit cuffs. The specifications of gowns may vary.

Isolation Gowns

The isolation gown is made of PP non-woven fabric + PE composite material. The sewing process is added after sewing, which can better solve the problem of pinholes at the seams and does not allow liquid or bacteria to pass through. Dress specifications may vary.

PE Medical Apron:

PE Apron is suitable for simple protection in low-risk medical environment. PE Apron may vary in specifications.

Purchase Medical and Surgical Gowns

Medical Protective Gown 4 Level liquid Scale

A medical protective gown rated at Level 4 on the liquid scale provides the highest level of protection against liquid penetration. These gowns are typically used in high-risk situations where there is a high potential for exposure to bodily fluids, such as during surgical procedures or in infectious disease scenarios. They are made of materials that are impermeable to liquids, ensuring that healthcare workers remain protected from potential contaminants.

Medical gown levels of protection to choose:

  • <4.5g Spray impact penetration

  • Lightweight


  • <1g Spray impact penetration

  • >20cm Hydrostatic Pressure Test

  • Moderate Weight

  • <1g Spray impact penetration

  • >50cm Hydrostatic Pressure Test

  • Heavy Weight


  • Passes Spray impact penetration

  • Passes Hydrostatic Pressure Test

  • Heavy Weight

How to Choose the Right Medical Gown or Surgical Gown

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has established four levels of protection for surgical gowns, which are based on the gown's liquid barrier performance and resistance to microbial penetration. Here's a brief overview:

Level 1: Minimal risk - Used for basic care, standard isolation, or as a cover gown for visitors.

Level 2: Low risk - Used for procedures where there is a low risk of fluid exposure.

Level 3: Moderate risk - Used for procedures where there is a moderate risk of fluid exposure, such as in the emergency room or for surgical procedures.

Level 4: High risk - Used for procedures where there is a high risk of fluid exposure, such as during long, fluid-intensive procedures or when there is potential for aerosolization of bodily fluids.

The level of protection needed depends on the specific circumstances of the procedure or task. Healthcare facilities should assess the risk and choose the appropriate level of protection for their staff.

When choosing a medical gown or surgical gown for PPE, there are other factors to consider:

The comfort and fit: The medical gown should be comfortable to wear and fit well. It should not be too tight or too loose, and it should not restrict your movement.

Size and Fit: Ensure the gown fits well and provides adequate coverage, including the arms and torso, without being too tight or restrictive.

Closure Type: Choose between tie-back closures, hook-and-loop closures, or snaps, depending on personal preference and ease of use.

Cost: Consider the cost of the gown, including any additional features or certifications, and compare it to your budget and requirements.

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