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  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

  • Medical Protective Coverall

Medical Protective Coverall

Sterile Coverall:

1. Material: PP+PE, 65g, sewing+strips

2. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

3. Color: white

4. Characteristic: waterproof, comfortable, breathable

6. Useful: Prevention of cross infection

7. Class II

8. EN14126 report, CE

9. Capacity: 50k/day


Introduction of Medical Protective Coverall

Disposable medical protective coveralls are applicable to GB19082 and EN14126+Type 5b+Type 6B. It can provide barrier and protection for clinical medical personnel to contact with potentially infectious patients' blood, body fluids, secretions, particles in the air, etc. the product is made of microporous PE film and high Anti-static non-woven composite materials, with soft hand feeling, comfortable and breathable wearing. The zipper access control and sticker design improve the tightness and increase the protective performance, provide strong guarantee for medical workers and epidemic prevention and control personnel.

Medical Protective Coverall for medical use protects healthcare workers and their patients from high-risk infectious diseases as well as blood, body fluids and blood-borne pathogens. Our Medical Protective Coverall is wearer-oriented, striving for comfort and breathability without sacrificing protection.

Characters of Medical Coverall

1. Breathable, comfortable, better wearing experience.

2. Zipper placket design, good sealing effect and higher protection performance.

4. With thumb, good fixation effect, more convenient to wear.

5. After a number of performance tests, with a number of certification certificates, product quality assurance.

6. Recommended for: Avoid contact with body fluids, bacteria, chemicals and harmful substances.

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AbrasionEN ISO 12947-2:2016 Class 1     
Flex cracking resistanceEN ISO 7854:1997  Class 6     
Trapezoidal Tear resistanceEN ISO 9073-4:1997Class 2 
Tensile strengthEN ISO 13934-1:2013Class 1 
Puncture resistanceEN 863:1995Class 1 
Seam strengthEN ISO 13935-2:2014Class 3

30% H2SO4Resistance to Permeation of Chemical EN ISO6530:2005Class 3 
Repellency by Liquids Class 3 
30% HCI Resistance to Permeation of Chemical Class 3 
Repellency by Liquids Class 3 
10% NaOHResistance to Permeation of ChemicalClass 3 
Repellency by Liquids Class 3 
Resistance IgnitionEN13274-4:2001Pass


Precautions of Medical Protective Coverall

1. The medical coverall is a one-time product, and repeated use is prohibited

2. Check the integrity of the packaging before use. Do not use if packaging is damaged.

3. The product is a sterile product and cannot be used again in a sterile environment after being opened in a sterile environment.

4. After the product is used, it should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of medical waste management regulations.

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