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  • Striped Isolation Gown

  • Striped Isolation Gown

  • Striped Isolation Gown

  • Striped Isolation Gown

  • Striped Isolation Gown

  • Striped Isolation Gown

Striped Isolation Gown

The Level 4 isolation gown is specially designed for medical staff and epidemic prevention workers. 


Level 4 isolation gown Specification:

1. Name: Level 4 isolation gown

2. Material: PP+PE, 57g, Sewing+strips

3. one piece about 105g.

4. S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL  

5. Color:  bule, white, yellow

6. Characteristic: waterproof

7. Useful: Prevention of cross infection

8. Class I 

9. SGS report,  CE, FDA

10.Capacity: 150k/day

11. Level 4

Level 4 Isolation Gown introduction:

Level 4 isolation gown offers the highest level of protection available and are used for all high risk circumstances (e.g. during surgery in an operating room that requires sterile equipment). These heavy-duty gowns can prevent fluid and virus penetration for up to an hour.

Level 4 isolation gown is made of PP non-woven fabric +PE composite material, and the stitching process is added after sewing, which can better solve the pinhole problem at the seam. The protection grade is AAMI level-4, and the hydrostatic pressure grade of the fabric can reach more than 50cm. The bacteriophage has passed the ASTM 1671/ 1671M-2013 test, making it safer and more effective to wear in various surgical operations and environments.

Striped Isolation Gown

Level 4 Isolation Gown Features:

Block small particles: it can block small particles, dust, etc. and avoid physical contact.

Effective isolation: it can effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria, filter volatile gas and avoid direct contact.

Process advantages: Higher weight, more stable performance.

Why Choose The Level 4 Isolation Gown?

You need to match your gown to the environment. AAMI level 4 isolation gown is fit to be used in high-risk conditions like high fluid resistance, protection against germs, viruses, biological hazards, or blood borne pathogens. Especially during a global pandemic like COVID-19, it’s essential to have a successful PPE strategy in place. Isolation gowns are critical to keeping employees, medical personnel, patients, and the community safe, especially from infectious liquids. 

Water ResistanceMaterialAATCC TM 127-2018>50(cmH2O)
AATCC 42-20170.0g
Tensile strengthMaterialCB/T 1040.1-2018CB/T 1040.4-2006CD >40Kpa MD >40Kpa
Elongation at BreakCB/T 1040.1-2018CB/T 1040.4-2006CD >20NMD >20N
Resistance to Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens Using Phi-X174 BacteriophageFront  Material ASTM 1671/ 1671M-2013Pass
Sleeve seamPass
Back  MaterialPass
Tie AttachmentPass