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How To Wear a Surgical Gown Correctly?

Nov. 27, 2023

What Is Surgical Gown?

A surgical gown is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures to prevent contamination of the patient and the healthcare worker. The gown is designed to provide a barrier between the healthcare worker's clothing and the patient's surgical site, as well as to protect the healthcare worker from exposure to infectious agents or other potentially harmful substances. Before you enter the operating, you should rinse your hands and arms in the right way.

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Steps to put on the surgical gown correctly

Properly wearing a surgical gown is essential for maintaining a sterile environment during medical procedures. Here are ten steps to follow when donning a surgical gown:

First Step

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the gown.

Second Step

After drying both hands and arms, then grasp the doctor gown and step into an area where the gown may be opened without risk of contamination. Put both hands into armholes. Hold the gown away from the body, and allow it to unfold completely.

Third Step

Reach hands and forearms into armholes and sleeves; keep hands at shoulder height and away from the body.

Fourth Step

If you are open glove donning, pull cuff to thumb level. If you are closed glove donning, push the hands to the edge of the cuff.

Fifth Step

The circulating nurse should pull the gown over shoulders, touching only the inside of the gown.

Sixth Step

The circulating nurse should arrange hook and loop fixation.

Seventh Step

The circulating nurse should tie the inner belt of the gown.

Eighth Step

Then don gloves. After gloving, grasp the belt card with both hands, separate the left outer belt from the belt card and keep the belt in the left hand.

Ninth Step

Hand the belt card to the circulating nurse, then make a three-fourth turn to the left while the circulating nurse extends the outer belt to its full length.

Tenth Step

Retrieve the outer belt by pulling it out of the belt card held by the circulating nurse and tie it together with the other outer belt on the left-hand side.

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