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What Are Different Types of Protective Coverall?

Jul. 22, 2022

In the wake of COVID-19, choosing the right disposable coveralls and personal protective equipment (PPE) is more important than ever. At HUABAO, we take the health and safety of workers seriously - offering a wide range of disposable coveralls and personal protective equipment (PPE), including Type 6 PP+PE coveralls.


What are the different types of disposable coveralls?


Disposable coveralls are classified into 6 categories (based on the level of protection they provide). It's important to discuss your protection requirements with a product expert prior to purchasing disposable coveralls, as statutory and/or regulatory requirements may apply in your workplace.

GA6-2001 Disposable Isolation Gown

ㆍType 1 - a coverall designed to protect against dangerous gases and liquids (may also feature an air line)

ㆍType 2 - a coverall that retains positive pressure, but isn't gas tight (offers protection against liquids, vapours and dust)

ㆍType 3 - a coverall that is liquid tight (seams are sealed rather than stitched)

ㆍType 4 - a coverall that protects against chemical sprays (similar to Type 3, but not as heavy duty)

ㆍType 5 - a coverall that prevents the ingress of dust and airborne particles, including asbestos (provided disposable coveralls are used)

ㆍType 6 - a coverall that protects against light spray and chemical splashes (offers a lower level of chemical protection than Types 3 and 4)

In HUABAO's experience, Types 4, 5 and 6 are the most popular disposable coveralls. Depending on the brand and model, most disposable coveralls (Type 4, 5 and 6) are made from either non-woven polypropylene or breathable microporous fabric. A triple-layered SMS (spunbond, meltblown, spunbond) fabric is frequently used in good-quality Type 5 asbestos coveralls and asbestos removal protective clothing.


United States PPE Ratings


In the United States, there are no specific testing standards for coverall suit itself; however, there are 4 levels of situational standards that must be followed when using PPE.


ㆍLevel A - required when you are working in the most hazardous environment and your skin, eyes, and respiratory need extra protection.

ㆍLevel B - needed at the highest level of respiratory protection and skin protection need at a lesser level. It is included hazardous in waste sites, vapors, or gas.

ㆍLevel C - needed when the concentration and airborne constituents are involved and need air-purifying respirators.

ㆍLevel D - need minimum protection and hazards level of work is not included.


EN ISO 13688 defines the requirements for a coverall. It specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics, innocuousness, size designation, aging, compatibility, and marking of protective clothing and the information to be supplied by the manufacturer with the protective clothing. The regulation further specifies the coveralls into 6 types of suits.

GA6-2001 Hooded Protective Coverall

ㆍType 1: Gas Tight Suits (EN 943 part 1)

Protects against liquid and gaseous chemicals. More or less equivalent to US level A.

Type 1a:  Self-contained breathing apparatus wore on the inside.

Type 1b:Self-contained breathing apparatus worn on the outside.

Type 1c:Air supply via a compressed-air hose system.

ㆍType 2: Non-gas Tight Suits (EN 943 part 1)

 Protects against liquid and gaseous chemicals. More or less equivalent to US level B.

ㆍType 3: Liquid Tight Suits. (EN 14605)

Protects against liquid chemicals for a limited period.

ㆍType 4: Spray Tight Suits (EN 14605)

Protects against liquid chemicals for a limited period. More or less equivalent to US level C.

ㆍType 5: Particulate suits (EN ISO 13982-1)

Protects against airborne dry particulates for a limited period.

ㆍType 6: Reduced Spray Tight Suits (EN 13034)

Protects against a light spray of liquid chemicals. More or less equivalent to US level D.


The right personal protective equipment (PPE) goes a long way towards protecting staff against hazards in the workplace. HUABAO is a disposable coveralls manufacturer. If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!