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Happy May Day

Apr. 29, 2023


Salute to you who shine in ordinary positions !


The Chinese nation has been a hardworking and intelligent nation since ancient times, with a long history of 5000 years . From ancient Dayu tamed the flood to contemporary Great Craftsman,generations of model workers and pioneers have played an important role, It left an indelible mark on the wheel of history rolling forward.


在华宝公司有这样一群人,他们默默无闻,坚于职守;他们奋斗不止,宠辱不惊;他们用一双手摩挲过岁月,打磨过时间,他们不畏艰难,埋头苦干,用坚守诠释敬业 用匠心印证品质。

In Huabao company,there is such a group of people,they are unknown and dedicated to their duties; They struggle not to be surprised; They rub the years with a hand, polished the time, they are not afraid of difficulties, hard work, with adhere to the interpretation of dedication with ingenuity to confirm the quality.




As a professional manufacturer of first-class and second-class medical devices, PE casting film, PE casting composite film and medical consumables in China, Xinle Huabao Company specializes in the research and development and production of various casting film and medical consumables, integrates into every research and production process with ingenuity, adheres to scientific and technological innovation, and never forget the original mission. 


人民创造历史 劳动开创未来,今天是“五一”国际劳动节,华宝公司致敬所有劳动者,同时祝贺华宝公司刘超荣获新乐市“最美劳动者”荣誉称号。

People create history, labor creates the future, today is "May Day" International Labor Day, Huabao Company pays tribute to all workers, and congratulates Huabao Company Liu Chao won the honorary title of "the Most Beautiful Worker" in Xinle City.