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  • Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drapes

Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drapes

Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drape: No latex composition, good absorbability, high speed, softness, high hydrostatic pressure.


1) Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drapes introduction:

Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drape has a hole or opening cut into them to allow access to a specific area of the patient's body during surgery while maintaining a sterile field. They are commonly used in procedures such as abdominal surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and orthopedic surgery.  During the operation, it can better ensure the convenience and safety of operation. The fenestrated sterile drapes is usually made of SMS, absorbent PP and other +PE composite materials. The hole size of the hole towel can be customized according to customer requirements, and the color, size and materials can also be customized according to different surgical needs.

2) Adhesive Fenestrated Surgical Drape Characters:

Good liquid absorption performance, the liquid absorption multiple can generally reach 3 times, and the water absorption rate is faster.

Latex free, soft and comfortable.

The material has passed the biocompatibility test. The skin sensitization, cytotoxicity and skin irritation meet the test requirements. People with sensitive skin can safely use it.

High hydrostatic pressure,Some materials can reach more than 100cm hydrostatic pressure.

Aseptic independent packaging, size, color and material can be customized.

Widely used in hospitals and clinics.


Adhesive sterile Drapes Surgical Parameters                                                                                  

Material Structure: SMS, absorbent PP and other +PE composite materials

Color: Blue, White or as request

Gram Weight: 35g,40g,45g, 50g, 55g etc

Product Type: Surgical Consumables, Protective

OEM and ODM: Acceptable

Fluorescence: No fluorescence

Certificate: CE&ISO

Tensile Strength: MD≥71N, CD≥19N(Distance:100mm,width:50mm, speed:300mm/min)

Elongation at Break: MD≥15%, CD≥115% (Distance:100mm,width:50mm, speed:300mm/min)